NEW! Yucca Purifying Cleanser – 4 oz.

NEW! Yucca Purifying Cleanser – 4 oz.


This lighter liquid face wash helps unclog plugged pores to easily deep cleanse oily, congested skin, utilizing tried and true Australian tea tree oil in a modern blend that inhibits breakouts without irritation. Yucca, Willowbark, and a Sage-Peppermint-Eucalyptus-Thyme oil blend purifies, washes away dead cells and cleans without drying problem skin.

Yucca – Desert plant which naturally cleanses skin, using seponins that help dissolve clogged pores.

Tea Tree – Australian and New Zealand Tea Tree that is highly purified to help the inhibition of hostile skin flora without irritation.

Willowbark – A natural BHA to purify and help dissolve dead surface cells that can lead to clogged pores.

Essential Oils – Eucalyptus, wild thyme, sage, peppermint pore-purifying essential oil blend.


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