Dermaculture has utilized Ionization techniques for the treatment of skin for over 75 years. In fact, the Iderm® process, a proprietary technology owned by Dermaculture, introduced the concept of Ionization to the industry. For decades, galvanic current has been applied medically to assist in healing of bone, muscle, ligament and various tissues. Most noted in the early history of electric medical experimentation is Luigi Galvani, who in 1791 was the first person to use electric currents to stimulate muscle contraction.

The “Galvanic Current,” often used today in cosmetology to drive skin treatments deeper into the skin, is named after him. The Iderm® Galvanic Treatment Machine was designed to work in conjunction with its solution mixtures and skin care products to feed the new cell structure, firm and refine skin texture, minimize bacterial growth and boost the healing process by using three components: the Heat dome, the Vacuuming System, and the Facial Electrode Mask including Chin & Clavicle electrodes.

Benefits and Features: the Heat Dome is the most effective way to deliver a deep penetration of soothing and relaxing heat through the layers of the skin. When used in conjunction with Dermaculture’s solution mixtures, it allows the esthetician to liquefy hardened sebum and activate the sudoriferous and sebaceous glands. This creates an ideal condition for the esthetician to proceed with the vacuuming and extraction process. The Vacuuming System is an excellent tool for effectively removing surface debris, enhancing circulation, and assisting in the exfoliation process. The Facial Electrode Mask, Chin and Clavicle Electrodes have 18 electrodes that deliver an even flow of low amperage positive or negative galvanic current over the entire face, and underneath the chin. The Iderm® Treatment employs galvanic current for two important functions: Ionization (positive current) and Disincrustation (negative current). A positive galvanic current facilitates in the penetration of water soluble solution mixtures into the dermis. Such penetration contracts and stimulates muscle fibers, stimulates cellular reproduction to increase collagen and firm the skin, decreases inflammation, and creates a germicidal effect reducing bacterial growth. A negative galvanic current softens and relaxes pores, and dissolves and liquefies sebum, allowing penetration of water-soluble mixtures. This extremely effective treatment permits a more thorough, deep pore cleansing and the removal of open and closed comedones.

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